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Dec 15, 2015

("Never Go Full Analog") This week, Steve uses 4 willpower to not be distracted by pretty art. Aaron learns that sharks are the dragons of the sea. And, of course, it’s been a year since we started this, wow. 0:01:13 - The Banner Saga 0:47:12 - Depth 1:34:45 - The Plugz Telltale (Company), They Might Be Giants (band), (and other music references...), The Force, Skulls Of The Shogun, The Martix, Renowned Explorers; International Society, Grand Theft Auto V, Ernest Hemingway (author), Curlew (bird), Sid Meier’s Pirates!, StarFlight by Binary Systems, Austin Wintory (composer), Crimson Peak (film), Guillermo Del Toro, The Conjuring (film), Princess Bride (film), Fire Emblem (series), Advance Wars (series), Disgaea (series), X-Com (series), Saul Bass (artist), Jaws (film), Chief Brody (character), The Evil Dead (film), James Cameron (director), Deepsea Challenge 3D (film), David Bowman (character), 2001: A Space Odyssey (film), Leon: The Professional (film), Close Encounters of the Third Kind (film), Evolve (game), Left 4 Dead (game), Counter-Strike (game), StarCraft (game), World of WarCraft (game), Goat Simulator (game), The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (film).