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Dec 3, 2015

("We're Letting Features Creep In, This Is Great!") This week, Tony drives a car but don't get to shoot anything, while Steve matches things in a Snood like fashion. And, of course, we're not exactly sure what that noise is. 00:54 - RAGE 47:05 - QuantZ 1:18:27 - The Plugz Other mentions include: YouTube (website), Ridley Scott (director), Michael Bay (director), Armageddon (film), Tony Stark (character), Iron Man (film), Robert Downey Jr. (actor), Gatorade (energy drink), Jon Snow (character), Ygritte (character), HAL 9000 (character), 2001: A Space Odyssey (film), GLaDOS (character), SHODAN (character), Red Queen (character), Aliens (film), Samantha (character), Her (film), Tennis For Two, Space War, Kevin Spacey (actor), Moon (film), Independence Day (film), Mad Max (film series), Ozymandias (character), Spectre (film), Christoph Waltz (actor), Fallout (series), Far Cry (series), Borderlands (series), Alfred Hitchcock (director), Grand Theft Auto (series), Jesse Pinkman (character), Breaking Bad (TV series), Resident Evil 4, Derren Brown (illusionist/mentalist), Collapse, Snood, Zuma, Fruit Ninja, Super Meat Boy, Hotline Miami, Luftrausers, Jane Fonda (actor) Newsroom (TV series), pachinko, Godus, Big Fish Games, Peggle, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Tetrisphere, Sphere (film), Odin Sphere, Final Fantasy, Chess, Osmos.