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Oct 8, 2015

("This Cake Makes Your Idea Tolerable") This episode, we have a special guest joining us - James Bowling from FMV Games / Blocky Pixel / Eight And A Half Bit! On this week's show, Steve lays down the Laws on some robots, James strikes from the shadows with raw ambivalence, Aaron stacks it with style, Tony fails to vomit in the correct location. And, of course, we forget to plug our PAX Aus panel. 0:03:11 - Hard Reset 0:47:42 - Mark Of The Ninja 1:32:19 - Stacking 2:23:52 - 4PM (TRIGGER WARNING: Alcoholism and Suicide) 3:00:28 - The Plugz Other mentions include: James Bowling (developer), Bondi Labs, Astro Attack (game), FMV Games (Vodcast), TenOuttaTen (blog), Blocky Pixel (game studio), Eight And A Half Bit (podcast), William Gibson (author), Neal Stephenson (author), Philip K. Dick (author), People Can Fly (studio), CD Projekt Red (studio), City Interactive (studio), Painkiller (video game), Keanu Reeves (actor), A Scanner Darkly (film), Total Recall (film), Blade Runner (film), Cyberpunk (concept), Laws of Robotics, Noir (style), Series Sam (video game series), Red Barrel (concept), Maximum Overdrive (Film), Destiny (video game), Mighty Joe Young (film), Doom 3 (video game), Dead Space (video game), Proof Of Life (film), Russell Crowe (actor), The Fifth Element (film), C-3PO (character), Doom (video game), Heavy Rain (video game), ORION: Prelude (video game), Shank (video game), Shank 2 (video game), Torchlight II (video game), Don't Starve (video game), Invisible Inc. (video game), Eets Munchies (video game), Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic (video game), Marty McFly (character), Xbox Live Arcade (platform), Super Mario Bros. (video game), Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (video game), Super Metroid (video game), Matt Murdock (character), Batman (video game series), Predator (character), Arnold Schwarzenegger (actor), George Clooney (actor), Burnout Crash! (video game), Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (video game series), Turbo Dismount (video game), The Adventures Of Abney & Teal (TV series), Tim Schafer (writer), Lee Petty (writer), Basil The Great Mouse Detective (film), A Bug’s Life (film), Antz (film), The Secret of NIMH (film), Ghostbusters (film), Breaking Bad (TV series), Arrested Development (TV series), Gunther Lessing And The Walt Disney Studio Strike (event), The Last Supper (painting), Grim Fandango (video game), Broken Age (video game), Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge (video game), The Cave (video game), Ron Gilbert (developer), Indiana Jones (film series), Katamari Damacy (video game), Mass Effect (video game series), Groundhog Day (film), Grand Theft Auto IV (video game), Grand Theft Auto V (video game), Red Dead Redemption (video game), World Of Warcraft (video game), Conker's Bad Fur Day (video game), (website), Astro Attack (video game).