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Nov 27, 2015

("Swiping Right For Google") This week, Steve adheres, at least broadly, to The Codex. Aaron is pretty sure he's actually a ghost, or maybe a muse. And, of course, Tony reveals silence to be the ultimate heckling tool. 0:01:26 - Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 0:41:05 - The Novelist 1:31:52 - The Plugz Jubba The Hut (character), Salacious B. Crumb (Character), DMC, Bayonetta, Dawn Of War (series), Chris Metzen, Skype (internet chat program), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Sylvester Stallone, The Expendables (film series), Creed (film), Creed (band), Assassin’s Creed (series), Firefly (tv series), Battlestar Galactica (tv series), Scabbers, The Rat (character), Gary Oldman, Metal Gear (series), Iron Man (character), AC/DC (band), Uncharted (series), Halo (series), Final Fantasy (series), World Of Warcraft, Alien (film), Gears Of War (series), Starship Troopers (book/film), Borderlands (series), Luke Skywalker (character), Wikipedia (website), Wikia (website), Star Wars (film series), Metal Gear Rising Revengence, Crytek (company), P.T. (game), Panic Room (film), Transformers (series), Jaws (film), Chief Brody (character), Alfred Hitchcock (director), Vertigo (film), Louie the Fly (mascot), Mortein (brand), IKEA (store), True Detective (TV series), Papers Please (game), Cart Life (game), Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (game), Explosions in the Sky (band), American Beauty (film), Forrest Gump (film), Rainier Wolfcastle (character), Chris Cooper (actor), K-PAX (film), Kurt Russell (actor), Cloud Atlas (film), The Big Lebowski (film), Star Wars (film series), Jeff Bridges (actor), The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (film), Casper the Friendly Ghost (comic series), Paranormal Activity (film series), Patrick Swayze (actor), Ghost (film), Keanu Reeves (actor), The Lake House (film), Bruce Willis (actor), The Sixth Sense (film), Ghosts of Girlfriends Past (film), Matthew Mcconaughey (actor), Tinkerbell (character), Messiah (game), Geist (game), SBS (television channel), Ernest Hemingway (author), Gone Home (game), Sam (character), Stephen King (author), Greedo (character), Toy Story 2 (film), The Last of Us (game), The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (game), Dear Esther (game), The Witness (game), Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs (game), Ed McMahon (comedian)