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Jul 14, 2016

(Alright, Now To Look At These Gifs) Tony runs to the right, jumps and avoids brutal dog murder. Other mentions include: Ron Howard (director), Limbo, Mario (series), King Kong (1933 film), Uncharted (series), Sauron (character), Josh Brolin (actor), Tommy Lee Jones (actor), No Country For Old Men (film), Javier Bardem (actor), Schindler’s List (film), Steven Spielberg (director), Elliott (character), Amblin Entertainment (company), Hogarth Hughes (character), The Iron Giant (film), Martin Scorsese (director), Inside Out (film), Bing Bong (character), The Road Runner (character), Tex Avery (animator), Warner Bros. (company), The X-Files (TV series), Broken Age, Another World, Oddworld (series).