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Feb 11, 2016

("Now That's The Only Thing I Can Think About") Tony works on completing our Telltale Games collection by exploring the dark middle chapter. Steve, and the heckler, craft a more well explained Casino Royale. And, of course, we learn that 2006 was a much harsher period for players. 01:18 - The Wolf Among Us 53:54 - F.E.A.R. Extraction Point 1:36:19 - The Plugz Other mentions include: Jurassic Park: The Game, Back To The Future: The Game, Tales Of Monkey Island, Game Of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, The Walking Dead, Bridge No. 28 (bridge), They Breathe, Every Frame A Painting (YouTube channel), Full Throttle, Quentin Tarantino (director), Michael Bay (director), Humphrey Bogart (actor), The Third Man (film), Orson Welles (actor/director), The Seventh Seal (film), Ingmar Bergman (director), The Witness, Vertigo (comic publisher), DC Comics (comic publisher), Fables (graphic novel series), Fable, Peter Molyneux (developer), Snatch (film), Guy Ritchie (director), The Konami Code (cheat code), Game Of Thrones (TV series), Zoolander (film), H.P. Lovecraft (author), Edge Of Tomorrow (film), Homer Simpson (character), Harvey Keitel (actor), Tom Hanks (actor), Dragnet (TV series), Mad Max: Fury Road (film), The Last Action Hero (film), Charles Dance (actor), Evolve, F.E.A.R. (series), Vinnie Jones (hard man), Hail Caesar (film), Back To The Future (series), Bruce Springsteen, Kill Switch, Gears Of War, Doom, Hitman, Far Cry, Serious Sam, Half-Life, Snakes & Ladders, The Grudge (film), Blue Velvet (film), Dennis Hopper, Akira, Jason Statham, GTAV, Max Payne (series), Arma (series), Dark Souls (series), Call Of Duty (series), Five For Fighting (band), Casino Royale (film), Rambo, Left 4 Dead.